I grew up in a family were food is one of the most essential parts of life

I grew up in a family where food is one of the most essential parts of life.
Whether we are gardening or shopping for it, preparing it with love and attention, setting the table for feasting on it, presenting or “plating” it, serving it to family and guests, food is “number one” for our family.

My grandfather, Giuseppe Cipriani, created the world famous Harry’s Bar in Venice a restaurant that opened up its doors in late 1931 and hosted an impressive and varied group people from around the world.

Out of Harry’s Bar, a legacy grew…my family now has more than 20 restaurants all around the world.

I began cooking as a little girl. Experiencing the recipes of my city and my “Nonni” I was inspired.  

The famous Carpaccio (invented by my Grandfather), the tagliolini gratinati (baked noodles) cannelloni, risotto, veal piccata with lemon, tiramisu and the most famous Bellini drink…all put me on my path as a chef and a food writer. As a mother of three, I have written more than 10 cookbooks for adults and children.
I have worked with my father Arrigo at Harry’s Bar for more than 20 years exploring every single recipe of its kitchen and learning firsthand how to prepare a memorable meal from cocktail to appetizer to dessert. My favorite things to cook are pasta, risotto and various sauces. My veal ragout is full of small details and secrets.

I love Italy and adore traveling around my country to discover small hidden towns, “off the beaten path” restaurants and unexplored treats and treasures. Come join me as I share with you the techniques and the passion I have for food, family, Italy, friends and life!

“There is something magical and truly fascinatingin the way simple ingredients turn into gastronomical triumphs”.

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