Sicily: the generous island

Sicily: the generous island


Sicily is a fertile and generous land.

In Sicily there is the most beautiful sea in Italy.

White and bright beaches.

There is a sunny countryside full of extraordinary products.

In Sicily we find all the history of Italian Baroque with breathtaking palaces and churches.

White stones and pink stones.

Villages perched on the coasts and cities with an ancient culture.

Its charm overwhelms and gives indelible emotions.

It is a riot of flavors like his pasta with sardines, with fennel scent, washed down with an excellent Etna white, grilled swordfish slices, tomatoes with tuna and onions, eggplant parmigiana, caponata and dulcis in fundo the Sicilian cassata and the ricotta cannoli.

It is a land of intense aromas.

The glowing sun gilds citrus fields and vegetable crops.

Oranges and lemons, tomatoes and aubergines, capers and shallots. 

Pistachio and almonds. 

Sicily is not left without bringing with it the desire to return.

Experienza C will make you discover all this by accompanying you to visit its most beautiful cities.

Catania, Noto, Syracuse, Modica, Ragusa and Scicli, Taormina, Agrigento and Trapani, the pearls of the Eastern coast. 

We will let you taste the best food and learn about the most intimate secrets of this enchanting region. 


We made a selection of breathtaking villas where you can stay in contact with the sea and the countryside.

A full immersion of green and blue.  

You will be served and pampered and eat sublime food. We will also visit the most beautiful villages of Etna and its cellars and vineyards.

The Vitelli bar where Francis Ford Coppola toured the most famous scenes of the Godfather. We will show you how to make cannoli and cassata, grenadine with pistachio and ice cream. 

We will take you to Modica to taste the best Italian chocolate. To Noto in the most famous Sicilian pastry shop.

In Marzameni we will visit the tuna fisheries and eat the best tuna from Sicily. 

In Syracuse at the Greek Theater…

…and in Ortigia where there is the richest food market on the coast…

…and many other adventures that you will never forget.