Venice Lagoon

Venice Lagoon


A one day cruise: a unique chance to embark on a privileged journey through one of the greatest historical and cultural regions of Italy. 


The islands of Venice are magnificent pearls set in its lagoon.
Small  jewels floating on its calm waters.


Travelling with specially adapted traditional boats, we experience the very best gastronomy and his- torical insight into the area, reflecting its true cultural essence.

We finish by cruising the magical expanses and islands of the Venetian Lagoon, the perfect end to a comprehensive tour which offers a peerless insight to the cultural and natural phenomenon known as the Venetian Lagoon. 


Departure at 10 am we board Eolo (ancient venetian boat for 16 people) for a cruise to the north of the lagoon towards the beautiful island of Sant’Erasmo, the biggest area of the lagoon still in use for vegetable production.

Along the cruise we will stop at Lazzaretto Nuovo for a visit to this island with evidence of humans dating back to the Bronze age and renowned for its archaeological discoveries.

Here we will see the “Teson Grande”: the building used in the 1400’s for the quarantine and decontamination of goods carrying from different ports suspected of the plague.


Then we anchor near the island of Torcello for a sumptuous lunch aboard the Eolo.

You could have an incredible view of the Lagoon with the visit of the basilic tower and naturally a visit to the church.

Slowly sailing through the Lagoon we reach the island of Sant’Andrea for a “prosecco” wine before disembark. 


For the whole boat on exclusive use:

€ 400 pax min 6 max 16 guests

For 2 guests:

€ 1.900 whole boat on exclusive use 

For 4 guests:

€ 2.200 whole boat on exclusive use


For a group of 4 people we offer a smaller boat with lunch at the Cipriani inn in Torcello.

For the whole boat on exclusive use:

€ 420 per guest